How to pick the greatest educational log for your paper

How to pick the greatest educational log for your paper

Journal selection demystified!

Journal selection is certainly one of those items that includes experience. The greater amount of log papers you read and compose, the higher concept you shall have about where you should publish your quest. However for scientists with less experience, how will you determine if you have got a Nature or technology paper in your hand or if perhaps it really is more desirable for the dreaded (for the incorrect reasons!) specialised log?

Journal selection tools

There are numerous of journal selection tools available that may aim you within the direction that is right.

Just plug in your title/abstract into one of these simple tools and it surely will spit down a listing of journals that “match” your paper. They show up in several flavors, including publisher particular, such as for instance Elsevier’s Journal Finder and Springer’s Journal Selector, which allow you to search journals posted by a specific publisher, or some publisher-neutral log finders including SJFinder and Journal Guide. The results that come out of these algorithm-powered search engines can be hit and miss from my experience selecting target journals for our clients. These tools shouldn’t be utilized on their particular.

None of those tools think about your potential audience or the form of article that the log publishes. You nevertheless still need to visit the log website and discover if some of the recommended journals are suited to your paper. Journal selection tools also don’t start thinking about the caliber of your projects, impact element, available access costs, or indexation of this log. These facets could be very important to some scientists since they’re demands for recognition, advertising, and money. Continue reading “How to pick the greatest educational log for your paper”